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Fan Restoration

- Gino Boccabella -

One may think of a fan as a painting and as such it should be viewed and admired

I have been collecting fans for many years now and what has always impressed me is that an entire world opens with a simple gesture of the hand – beautiful objects, paintings, ornaments, gilding, flowers, fruits, landscapes, mythological, biblical and gallant scenes that have stimulated my imagination since childhood.

From the collection… to the fan restoration lab

My first fans were found in my home; they were an integral part of my grandmother’s, great –grandmother’s or great-aunts’ attire. My mother had always made great use of the contemporary and antique fans found in her home.

Very often, the fans on the market need minor or major restorations: fragile or torn folds, broken ribs, even entire parts of the frame are missing.

The restoration process therefore requires knowledge and skill in the use of a great variety of materials of which a good supply is essential. These materials are ivory, tortoise shell, mother of pearl, antique paper, sequins, various types of thin leather skins. My lab is currently equipped with the most suitable tools for the not-always-easy task of fan restoration.